Japanese women were recently asked a question that all of us have thought about at least once: What would you do if you became the opposite sex for 24 hours? The question was posed to 300 Japanese women ages 21 to 33. Many of the answers were basic things that would be expected, but there were some surprises as well.

“Hit on girls. I’d have way more confidence.”

“Carry something heavy.”

“Try shaving my beard.”

“I’d go to the swimming pool! I think if I were a guy, I wouldn’t feel even a bit embarrassed about not wearing a shirt.” (Note: This man's mustache is actually a shirt.)

“Take part in an eating contest.”

"I’d go in on the male side of the public baths.”

"I’d want to try having sex as a man.”

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“Change a lightbulb.”

“Wear a pair of boxers. I’ve always wondered what they felt like to wear.”

“I’d stand in front of a mirror totally naked and just look at myself.”

What would you do if you were the opposite sex for a day?