All the Miss Roses out there, what does your facial features say about you? "Rose" in Mandarin sounds like the word for a cog, who is a worker bee that never has any luck with relationships. Hence the series title, Miss Rose. Here's the original video from AppleDaily, but we have all the information translated here! A) If you have high cheek bones, dry and dark under eyelids - You put all of your passion into your career, but your romances lack any sort of fire. B) If you have a flushed complexion, and the distance from the edge of your eyes to your hair line is narrow - Your love life will never go smoothly. The timing seems to never work out. Your career will always get in the way of your romances. C) You have a a short philtrum (that ridge under your nose) and a long, deep laugh line - You are very critical, and analyze every small detail. This causes you to over think your relationships.  D) You have round cheeks, and a deep masculine voice - You are materialistic, and lack empathy. You will have a difficult time finding romance.  What do you guys think? Was this accurate?