lunch1 Dearest DF readers -- Carolyn has landed in Taiwan as of Friday, and is currently blogging about all the amazing food she eats during her trip. I. Love. Food. Especially in Taiwan! Beef Noodle Soup is considered a national dish here, where there is an annual competition for the best beef noodle soup. We recently went to Shi Ji Authentic Beef Noodle Soup, one of my parent's favorite place in Taipei, to try the dish. lunch2 The Braised Beef Noodle soup is on the heavier side, but has lots of flavor and tender chunks of beef. They use thinner noodles here which is less common. The beef literally melts in your mouth! lunch3 There were some delicious appetizers there as well -- marinated pig ears, beef tripe, and tofu with a spicy dipping sauce. lunch4 This is the clear soup version of the noodles. It's a little lighter but the milky soup base is just as delicious. The soup is simmered for hours to give it the rich body but no soy sauce is added and the beef are thinner cuts. It reminds me of Ramen, since at Shi Ji they use the thin noodles. lunch5 I have yet to find a good beef noodle place in New York, I'd love to hear your recommendations!