bubble-milk-tea-2 For those of you who have been to Taiwan, you've probably heard of Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House. Originating in Taichung, Taiwan, Chun Shui Tang is where bubble tea originated! But, they also have an excellent food selection. In particular, this Ma-jiangmian and Fatty Pork over Glutinous Rice dish. Majiangmian is a noodle dish topped with marinated veggies and sesame oil. This one was spicy and topped with lots of scallions. JaJiangMien I Love Glutinous rice. It's a sticky rice topped with marinated pork belly and a sweet pickle. Glutinous_rice The cucumber side dish gave a nice crush in between the heavier food dishes. Pickles If you stop by Taiwan, be sure to check out Chun Shui Tang! It's expanded from one location in Taichung to all over the island, so it should be hard to miss. (source: www.cnn.com)