We showed you what healthy, delicious school lunch is served for kids in Japan, and today we will take a look at what school children are eating in South Korea. We gathered some snapshots of what a typical school lunch in Korea would look like. A lot of non-Koreans blog about the appetizing and well balanced Korean school lunches during their stay in Korea. There are some shots from an English teacher in Daegu who blogged about what's being served in a school there. Please be prepared to be very jealous of these lucky children: Clockwise from top left: kimchi, fried slices of sweet potatoes, sliced pineapple,  spicy vegetables in chicken broth, bibimbap Clockwise from top left: kimchi, chicken jjim, ground beef and garlic-chive pancake, soup and rice. Clockwise from top left: kimchi; soft taco containing breaded chicken, a tangerine, steamed greens in fermented soybean paste dressing, soybean paste soup and rice with bean sprouts and seaweed, topped with soy sauce, scallions and red pepper flakes. Clockwise from top left: kimchi, calamari rings, sliced mushrooms and Korean chives in gochujang sauce,  “Korean” vegetable soup, rice and patjuk (red bean porridge).  Patjuk is eaten to commemorate the winter solstice. Last but not least, some yummy ssam! The usual kimchi and rice served with lettuce leaves, steamed pork and bean sprout soup. Suited for a a spicier palate, Korean school lunches in Daegu definitely qualify for a healthy meal for growing children. Are there any other Asian countries' school lunches that you are curious about? (Source: www.mykoreanschoollunch.tumblr.com)