DSC_00081 We're back with another look at Asian school lunches, this time in Malaysia. Malaysia's geographical position has made the country home to a number of diverse ethnicities and cultures, and as a result Malaysian food is a unique and exotic blend of Malay, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Arabian cooking. You can really see the wide variety of influences in these mouth-watering school lunches. First, a dish called asam laksa, a spicy noodle soup with fish that's a fusion of Malay and Chinese cuisine:

laksa served in a school cafeteria, kuala lumpur, malaysia

Next, a meal of daal, curry and roti, served with a candy bar and a sweet drink. More Indian-influenced, you can get this meal in a Kuala Lumpur school for around 2 ringgit, or 60 cents:

roti canai, school lunch, kuala lumpur, malaysia

Here's some nasi lemak, or rice cooked with coconut milk, with a side of vegetables and an egg:

Malay Lunch 5

Some appetizing spicy curry noodles:


This is chee cheong fun, or steamed rice roll. It's a Cantonese dish made of a steamed rice noodle stuffed with beef, pork, shrimp or vegetables and topped off with a sweet soy sauce:

5795427_700b (1)

Here's a look at a home-made lunch! Henry, a Malaysian student, snapped a photo of his lunch and sent it to a blog with a note, saying "My mum is so great, she wakes up early in the morning about 5.30am to prepare a school lunch to me because we take about 30 ~ 40minutes to drive to school, I have to be at school before 7.15am." For lunch, Henry's having noodles with prawns, fishcake and eggs, with a fruit and vegetable juice box and an apple: Malay Lunch 3 Another day, Henry's mom packs him fried rice with meat, eggs and mushrooms, soya milk, cherry tomatoes and lychee jelly for dessert: Malaysia Lunch 4

With food this diverse, you can pretty much have your pick! Which of these meals do you think you'd go for? And what country's school lunches would you like to see next?

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