BentoBoxKurobe-768x1024 My latest trip to Japan was different from any other I've had. I've mostly visited the urban areas; this time, I spent the majority of my time in the Hida Mountains, part of the Japan Alps. Kurobe Kyokoku (Canyon) is equipped with many cable cars and buses. Which means that in order to even get into the mountain it took hours of walking and riding. Of course, this whole time I was panicking about what I was going to eat, but fear not! There's plenty of small restaurants around that had simple but tasty local cuisine around. The Bento I got consisted of mostly local marinated veggies and seafood. There was also seaweed, cucumber, dried shrimp, egg, and a mochi. My favorite item was the marinated squid -- though it's tiny! Sorry for the blurry shot. I was famished. lunchbox_kurobe2 Here's a shot of what it looked like outside: JapanAlpsKurobe I'll be sharing even more food, check back soon!