food1 Dearest DF readers -- Carolyn has landed in Taiwan as of Friday, and is currently blogging about all the amazing food she eats during her trip. Here are pictures from my visit to Ding Tai Fung. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the branch, an award winning restaurant that originated right here in Taiwan. It has been voted one of the top 10 restaurants from around the world and the branch in Hong Kong has been awarded one Michelin Star. food2 There are a few of these in Taipei, but I went to the one closest to my parent's in SOGO, closer to Tien Mu. Though Ding Tai Fung is famous for it's steam buns (xiaolongbao) their other dishes are fantastic as well. First up is the Zhajiangmian. It wasn't as saucy as some of the other varieties I've had before, like the Korean version Jajangmyeon, but the scallions were a nice edition and a great starter. food3 Next are the Dan Dan Noodles which is a sesame based dry noodle. food4 This is one of my favorites, Sichuan Red Oil Wontons! It's basically a big shrimp wonton in a yummy spicy sauce. It isn't as spicy as it looks, though -- but nutty and had a nice kick afterwards. food5 Hot and sour soup, of course - I LOVED this, nice and flavorful. food6 A-Tsai - a.k.a Arden Lettuce. It's my favorite veggie in Taiwan, I have seen this in the states before as well but its much less common. Crisp and lightly seasoned. food7 Last but not least, the dish that is Ding Tai Fung's staple - Xiaolongbao! Juicy 'soup dumplings' that are known for having a thin wrapping and seasoned pork filling. You'd add a little but of vinegar and ginger to taste. food8 I'll be bringing you more documentation of my gluttonous trip. Also, check out CityDomo for further reviews! Have you been to Ding Tai Fung before? They have branches in the states as well -- though sadly not in New York!