Now that Ariel Lin is married in real life, what has happened to Feng Shao FengDaniel Chan, and George Hu, the three hot guys in her Prince of Lan Ling drama series? The popular historical romance was also the only non-Korean drama that made it to the Top 10 Most-Watched Dramas in 2014. We thought we'd track down the three wanted men and find out what they've been doing, especially in their love life.

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1. Feng Shao Feng (Prince of Lang Ling)

Chinese actor Feng Shao Feng played Prince of Lan Ling, one of the most handsome men and famous warriors in China's recorded history. In real life, he is quite a gentleman and has been dating his girlfriend, actress Ni Ni, for some time. The couple appears to be heading to the altar eventually, but there is no official news yet.

Feng's latest project is playing a famous monk from the Tang dynasty in a fantasy movie that also stars the internationally famous actress Gong Li.

2 Daniel Chan (Yuwen Yung)

Hong Kong heartthrob, singer, and actor Daniel Chan played the emperor who deeply loved and protected Xue Wu (Ariel Lin) but ultimately died of a broken heart. What's happened to Daniel in real life has been quite dramatic as well. 

After Prince of Lan Ling gave him a resurgence of popularity, Daniel went to Taiwan to film Love SOS, a romance comedy drama where he played a medical doctor. While filming on location, he met a nurse and fell in love. They married in 2014, and their baby daughter was born in July last year. Before he met his future wife, Daniel had gone through 7 love affairs. Now he appears to be extremely happy with his married life. 

3. George Hu (Prince of An De)

Taiwanese-American actor and singer George Hu appeared inseparable with co-star Annie Chen after filming Love Now and Love Around, two popular romance comedies available on DramaFever, but they have never officially confirmed their romance. Recently they starred in separate romantic comedies opposite different leads. When 25-year-old Annie was recently asked about marriage plans, she said it will take at least three years before she gets married. George Hu's name was not mentioned directly. 

George just completed Love Cheque Charge in December 2014, and we are excited to see him in person when he comes to host the Third Annual DramaFever Awards on February 5!

~ NancyZdramaland