While Ji Chang Wook is busy filming new action thriller The K2, he squeezed in a quick visit to Taipei on September 22. Thanks to inquisitive Taiwanese fans, we would like to share what the charming leading man says about lips and kisses.

First of all, Ji Chang Wook declines to reveal details about any kiss scenes with co-star Yoona in the new drama. He wants fans to watch The K2 to find out. But, he praises Yoona as being excellent at keeping her lips moist. (How does he know?)

He says his own lips are often dry and need to be moisturized, and whips out the moisturizing balm that he is promoting as he is the new spokesperson for EOS China.

He is asked which flavor of the lip balm he'd prefer on a woman. At first he said any flavor, but finally admitted that "strawberry" is the one he likes. (Ok, noted!) He seems embarrassed after that answer and bursts into a big laugh.

Here's something that many fans probably didn't know about the kiss master from Healer.

Ji Chang Wook reveals that since he smokes, he would brush his teeth well and freshen up out of respect for the actress he'll kiss. (And don't forget the lip balm!)

BONUS: At fans' request, Ji Chang Wook sang a few lines of a Chinese love song, "Be With You", from his own album. What a lovely voice! Check out the short video near the end:

Want more of Ji Chang Wook? The K2 starts Friday, September 23. 

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