Obsessed. That's how I feel about my current favorite K-drama, Let's Fight Ghost! Last week I wrote about what the possible ending for the drama could be. Remember this? And a lot of you picked option 1.....which (SPOILER) came out true! But this week, I have been doing a lot of thinking about Kwon Yool's character, Professor Joo Hye Sung. Seriously, what's his deal? 

Prediction #1: He's the anti-Christ

He's killing innocent people, plotting against potential threats like Hyun Ji, and just being a bad, bad egg. What other explanation could be there, besides Professor Joo Hye Sung being the anti-christ?!

Prediction #2: He's possessed

When Monk Myung Chul went into flashback mode, we figured how Bong Pal's mum died and how he came about seeing ghosts. We also caught a glimpse of the dark spirit entering the body of a boy standing by a window with his terrified mum in the background. We now know the boy was Prof. Sung. So could it be that the dark spirit who entered Bing Pal left and entered his body?

Prediction #3: He's misusing his powers

Maybe, just like Bong Pal, Prof. Sung has the power to see ghosts. But while Bong Pal used his powers to fight evil and protect the good, Prof. Sung has been misusing it to further his own cause and career? 

What do you think could be Professor Joo Hye Sung's cause for being so evil? Comment and share your thoughts with us!


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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