Rings are worn both by men and women for a number of reasons, and in Korea, there's recently been a little trend where they are worn on any one of the five fingers, with significance given to each one. So what are the meanings behind this latest Korean fashion craze?

It may look like it's all about the fashion, but it is about the significance, too.  Rings are often symbolic, most often given and received for love and commitment. But there are other reasons, too, for wearing rings, the obvious ones being to accessorize, look good and feel good. But in Korea, it's a little more than that. Apparently, young fashionistas have taken to the internet to discuss the meanings behind rings worn on certain fingers. Take a look at the list below, and see if you identify. Maybe you had a reason for wearing that favorite ring on your middle finger after all.

1. Thumb — Wearing a ring on the thumb symbolizes freedom. When one has a ring on their thumb, it not only shows their free spirit and non-conventional attitude, but it can be used as a way to show potential partners that they are indeed "free" and available.

2. Index finger — A ring worn on the index finger is a sign of friendship. Not the ideal place for a ring if it's meant to be for romance.

3. Middle finger — This is to let yourself and everyone else know that you're a go-getter and out for success. If indeed you are one of these ambitious types, a ring on your middle finger will bring you the future you want.

4. Ring finger — Of course, this finger is reserved for love and commitment, like it is everywhere else. But in Korea, the hand you wear the ring on is insignificant. All that matters is that you don't leave it at home on a night out with your friends.

5. Pinky — The lucky pinky gets two options. If a ring is worn on your right pinky, that means that you are looking to achieve what you are wishing for. As for the left pinky, this symbolizes new opportunity and change. 

Fashion is fun, regardless of significance. But when meaning is added to wearing clothes and accessorizing, it becomes even more enjoyable. So next time you put those rings on your fingers, place them accordingly. You may just get what you want coming your way.


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