foxToday we uploaded all 16-episodes of What's Up Fox?, a delightful romantic comedy in the best tradition of Bridget Jones' Diary. It stars Ko Hyun Jung, a 3-time best-actress nominee (the first time for her role in Sandglass, one of the most-watched dramas of all time) and star of recent hit H.I.T. (pun, anyone?), and Chun Jung Myung, who is quietly rising within the ranks of drama actors.

Writer of salacious stories for a sex magazine by day and homebody who lives with her mother and sister by night, 33-year old Byeong Hee (Hyun Jung) has never had a boyfriend. All she wants is a relationship, a family of her own, and a little romance along the way (a new job wouldn't hurt either). But what she never expects is for her world to be turned upside down when her best friend's younger brother (Jung Myung), a free-spirited mechanic, returns from traveling the world no longer the little boy she remembers, but instead all grown-up and sexy.

When a night of drunkenness ends with an unexpected incident, Byeong Hee is suddenly faced with some choices, especially with the arrival of a handsome doctor into her workplace. Which one will she choose - the rich, playboy doctor or the good-hearted, carefree mechanic? Funny, quirky, and often unusually risque by Korean drama standards, What's Up Fox? is an enjoyable romp from start to finish. Don't miss out.

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