Do you have a specific guy you usually find yourself attracted to? Maybe you’re super picky and look for a combination of qualities and physical features, or maybe you have no standards whatsoever and just go with whoever gives off the best “vibes.” I thought it would be totally cool to create a guide of styles based on Korean actors and idols that you can use when describing the type of guy you dig, so that the next time someone is curious you can let them know with no problem!

The other night I was at this bar in Korea Town (YES! It was the same night of the INFINITE concert and the same bar where I got trapped in the bathroom stall which you can read all about here)

Anyway, while I was there this oppa from Seoul was all like “sooo whats your style?” and I was all like “ummm my style is Lee Jong Suk.” Outside of our K-World, “style” actually refers to “type” so whenever someone is like “oh what’s your guy/girl style” they’re asking you your type. Now for me personally, whenever I'm chatting with a Korean person from Korea about my style, I find it easier to just name an idol or actor who embodies the qualities and attributes I find attractive, jusssttt in case we're having slight communication issues as far as not really understanding a phrase or word in English. For example, you can say something like, "I like a cute style like Kang Min Hyuk," or you can be really specific like "I like a cute style like Kang Min Hyuk, but eyes like Yoon Si Yoon, and a body like Rain."

Now get scrolling and choose your style!

1. Cute Style

Of course Yoonie and Kang Min Hyuk are hot, but they're just so good at being cute! Everything from their eye smiles to their facial expressions screams "cute!" So if you prefer guys with similar adorable qualities over everything else, then you've found your guy style!

2. Eccentric Style

Maybe Jang Keun Suk and Lee Hong Ki aren't the hottest, or most handsome guys in the world (super hot to me!) but they've got personality! Their personal style is out of this world and their minds are too. So if you tend to go for the dudes who possibly live in a kaleidoscope then you're all about the "eccentric style."

3. Guy Next Door Style

Guys like Song Joong Ki and Lee Seung Gi represent the kind of guy who is handsome, and hot, but not intimidating to be around. They're the down to earth types you can easily bring home to meet the parentals.

4. Under Weight Model Style

Like Lee Jong Suk and No Min Woo, these guys are tall with runway model looks. This involves good looking faces mixed with a lack of body fat. If you like guys with long legs who are thinner than you, and think this is a perfect male body type, well then this is your style!

5. Dongsaeng (younger) Style

CNU of B1A4 and Jongup of B.A.P are guys in their early 20's who not only look good physically, but have a trendy fashion style. Some people just like younger guys because, well, they look good and for otherrr reasons. If you're one who tends to always gravitate towards the younger ones, well then you're a "Dongsaeng Killer" and this is your style. No judgement here, embrace that cradle, but not before you're sure it's of legal age!

6. Sexy and Mysterious Style

Kim Jae Wook and Choi Jin Hyuk are perfect examples of this style! When you first see them you're all like yeah he's hot but wait, why is he looking at me like he's gonna stab me?! Then you find yourself being attracted to not knowing if this guy is a good guy or a bad guy. If you're all about dating guys with suspect looks, well then sexy and mysterious is your style!

7. Older and Refined Style

Kim Joo Hyuk and Bae Yong Jun represent the handsome, well established older man. He's got it all together, is charming, successful and only gets better looking with age. If you're all about stability and maybe a real conversation with substance, then this is the style for you!

8. Pretty Boy Style

Jaejoong and Nu'est's Ren represent the "pretty boy." These are the guys who posses looks that put most girls to shame. They are, in most cases, prettier than girls, and may even enjoy a lot of the same things as girls, such as Hello Kitty. They are confident, and comfortable with their sexuality, and usually don't need to be told they're attractive because they already know this. Obsessed with facial features? Cool with dating guys prettier than you? Well then these guys just might be your style!

9. Flower Boy/Perfect 10 Style

Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho represent the guys who were just born with perfect genes. They're tall, not too thin, not overly muscular, have facial features that register "attractive" whether or not you're physically attracted to them. They represent the men suits were made for. If you're all about the clean cut, well put together types, then this is the style for you.

10. Gym Rat Style

Rain and Taecyeon represent all the guys who make fitness a major part of their life. They have chocolate abs, great back lines and amazing arms. Their faces may not be absolutely to die for by industry standards (or your standards), but who's really looking at it anyway when they've got bodies like that!? This is your style if a great body trumps the rest!

11. Chic Style

Hyun Bin and Park Shi Hoo represent all the guys of the world who smell like they just stepped out of showers and sprayed cologne. They're the guys who pay attention to detail, care about their appearance, and have more name brands in their closets than all the stores on Fifth Avenue combined. If you're all about the flash, this is the style for you.

Personally my style is a combination of Under Weight Model, Pretty Boy and Dongsaeng; that's why Lee Jong Suk is practically my boyfriend because he embodies everything I like.

Did you discover your guy style?! Is it just one style, or a combination of styles? When added together who is your perfect guy?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE