whenitsatnight_newsWhen It's At Night is Kim Sun Ah's first follow-up to the smash sensation My Lovely Sam Soon -- the drama that made her a star. She brings her quirky charm to the role of an Inspector at Korea's Cultural Theft Division in a lighter Tomb-Raider-esque tale of art theft and treasure hunting. Charming, funny, and alternately suave and rambunctious, When It's At Night co-stars Lee Dong Gun of Lovers in Paris as a slick, womanizing art expert.

After her treasure-hunter father is branded a thief by Korea's Cultural Heritage Administration and disappears, Heo Cho Hwi (Kim Sun Ah) decides to follow in his footsteps, but on the side of the law. Seven years later, she is an art discoverer who is committed to protecting the nation's artifacts. Investigating art crime all over the country, she hopes that one of them will lead her to her father.

when-its-at-night-alt-posterOn the other hand, Kim Bum Sang (Lee Dong Gun), an expert specializing in detecting forgeries and restoring original art pieces, is in it for the fame and money. When the two are paired together to track down stolen cultural heritage pieces, they immediately clash. With the dedicated preservationist and the hotshot playboy working together as a team, all sorts of sparks begin to fly, and they just might prove the law that “opposites attract”…

Also known by alternate titles Everyday Night, When Night Comes, and Night After Night.

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