Fans have spotted a new hottie, nicknamed Poker Face, in the fantastic thriller Memory Lost. He even has a cute side romance in the mystery drama. But, where have we seen him before? Find out more about the handsome actor whose Chinese name literally means a "hidden dragon."

As you may know, Memory Lost's leading couple, played by Bai Yu and Yang Rong, are also lead investigators in a new crime-fighting team. There are actually several cute members in the team, but Poker Face is the one we highlight here because he is quite special.

First the stats:

Weight: 159 lbs. 

Height:  6 feet 1 inch 

Blood Type: B 

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Nan Fulong's Chinese name is 南伏龙, which literally means "Southern Hidden Dragon."

Isn't that cool? The name can be traced in history to mean a wise man who is waiting to be noticed.

(Photo via - Nan Fulong is at center right.)

But a hottie like him does not go unnoticed in the modern world. 

In 2008, he won the fourth place in the 21st World's Best Model Contest in Istanbul, Turkey. He also won Best Asian Model and Most Photogenic. In 2012, he was listed among the top 10 professional fashion models in China. The hot model then debuted in acting in 2013.

In Memory Lost, Poker Face is portrayed as a good guy who is tough with a soft heart, and he is willing to sacrifice for the right cause. But he is also shy when it comes to romance. 

Did you know he weighed about 206 lbs. in high school and was often laughed at? He lost weight by going to the gym for heavy-duty training and ate only 5 apples a day for 2 months.

He also looks dashing under layers of clothes:

It turns out that he can play a handsome villain too! 

Can you guess where?

In the popular historical romance and revenge drama Princess Weiyoung, he played the scheming brother to the princess in disguise, played by Tiffany Tang

Nan Fulong is relatively new to acting and has been in supporting roles ever since his debut in 2013, but we'll expect to see more of him. In 2017, he appeared in the drama Above the Clouds and the movie Wine War.

For now, don't forget to watch Memory Lost, where romance and mystery meet in a perfect thriller!


Memory Lost - 美人为馅

Starring Yang Rong and Bai Yu

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