In Angel Eyes, Lee Sang Yoon tried to help Gu Hye Sun make dinner with hilarious results. So, which countries have husbands who do the most household chores and helping with childcare? Find out the highlights from a survey of 29 countries, and check out which men might make housewives the happiest.

According to a survey of 29 countries conducted by OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the average time men spend helping around the house and with childcare is 141 minutes. Danish men are the most helpful in the world, devoting 186 minutes to household chores and childcare. By a very sharp contrast, Korean husbands spend the least time with only 45 minutes a day doing the same.

Among other Asian countries, Chinese husbands spend 91 minutes helping household chores and childcare, while Japanese men spend 62 minutes and Indian men spend 52 minutes.

The top-ranking Danish men are closely followed by Norwegians who spend 184 minutes helping on average. Australian men are pretty helpful with 172 minutes.

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Gender equality is not just about women doing more work outside the home and getting paid more, it's also about men helping more at home. But according to the OECD survey, "In virtually every country, men are able to fit in valuable extra minutes of leisure each day while women spend more time doing unpaid housework."