Next month, How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor turns 10 years old! Stars Bae Doo NaKim Seung Woo and Park Shi Hoo and a host of others brought their fictional neighborhood to life by slowly working their ways into our hearts and bringing us one of the most unforgettable K-dramas ever. I highly encourage you to watch and re-watch this gem with a story line full of heart and humanity. 

Have you missed the talented actors who breathed life into the characters? Let's catch up with five of them now.

1. Bae Doo Na (Jung Yoon Hee)

She has been completely engrossed in science fiction and action projects recently. This year, the 37-year-old actress ended her three-year run on the Netflix series Sense8. From the 2015 Hollywood flick Jupiter Ascending to the Korean film The Tunnel, she has kept herself busy on the global scale. She even became the glamorous model of posh brand Louis Vuitton, On June 10, she breaks her seven-year K-drama hiatus by starring as the smart Police Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin in Stranger (Secret Forest). You don't want to miss a minute of her intense crime fighting this weekend!

2. Kim Seung Woo (Baek Soo Chan)

The 48-year-old veteran is a full-time family man who keeps his passion for acting alive. In 2015, he landed roles in the melodrama SBS series Late Night Restaurant and the romantic film Twenty Again (which premiered in theaters in 2016). Last January, his action comedy movie Chasing hit theaters. What is his everyday life like? He is a devoted husband to his wife, actress Kim Nam Joo, and is a loving father to their daughter and son. 

3. Park Shi Hoo (Yoo Joon Suk)

Following the shocking legal issue that threatened to end his career in 2013, the 39-year-old actor overcame the odds and returned to work. He starred in the Chinese romance movie Scent in 2014 and the romantic Korean film After Love, as well as last year's K-drama Neighborhood Hero

4. Wang Ji Hye (Go Hye Mi)

She has stuck to dramaland like glue since her How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor days. In recent years, the 31-year-old talent has been a part of a few romantic and family oriented K-dramas including Birth of a BeautyYeah, That's How It Is and Love Is Drop by Drop. She shows no signs of slowing down!

5. Kim Sung Ryung (Jung Mi Hee)

The 50-year-old actress has juggled family and work life perfectly since 1996. For the past few years, she has been a part of a few dramas and movies! The former beauty queen likes to mix up her projects with crime, romance, family and fantasy genres. Her K-dramas include Queen's Flower, Mrs. Cop 2 and a special appearance in Legend of the Blue Sea, while her films were The Target and The Fatal Encounter in 2014. 

Are you excited for Bae Doo Na's big K-drama comeback in Stranger (Secret Forest) this weekend? Is there anyone else from the How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor cast you want to learn more about? 

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