We have exciting news! Three popular Korean TV reality shows by JTBC, Men on a Mission (aka Knowing Brothers), Real Series, and Off to School will start streaming this week on DramaFever. Read on to find out more!

1. Men on a Mission - starting Wednesday, August 22

Comedian hosts in this hilarious show act as students in a high-school classroom where celebrity guests enter as “transfer students" who will be grilled by their new classmates. If you enjoyed watching My ID is Gangnam Beauty stars Cha Eun Woo and Im Soo Hyang reveal a huge spoiler in a fun clip, you need to watch the entire episode and others in this series.


Men on a Mission

Starring Kang Ho Dong and Lee Su Geun

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2. Real Series - starting Friday, August 24

Celebrity life can be glamorous, but the reality is that the work is almost non-stop. Even big celebrities need some time off, and that’s when things get “real.” In Real Series, celebrities go on adventure-filled vacations to Europe, Australia, and beyond. Whether it’s alone or with a buddy, these stars learn the true meaning of a real vacation.

Also known as I’m Real or Real Journeys, the limited series ran from 2010 to 2013 with only 13 episodes. You'll get to travel with adorable stars such as Song Joong Ki in Tokyo, Kim Yoo Jung in LA, Yeo Jin Goo in Italy, even spend beach time with Lee Jong Suk in Australia, and much more!


Real Series

Starring Song Joong Ki and Shin Se Kyung

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3. Off to School - starting Saturday, August 25

Would you go back to high school for three whole days?

Kang Nam (MIB) and Kim Jeong Hoon (Missing Korea) lead a group of their celeb pals back into the best (or worst) time of their lives: high school. Along with their buddies, these two must attend a real life high school for three days, testing their wits, dealing with school lunches, and getting into all kinds of trouble. Join celebs such as Nam Joo Hyuk (Bride of the Water God), Sung Dong Il (Miss Hammurabi), Lee Jung Shin (CNBlue), and even the world famous Shaquille O'Neal as they grab their books and uniforms to go back to school.


Off to School

Starring Kang Nam and Kim Jeong Hoon

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