Hong Gil Dong is the folk hero from the Korean novel, "The Story of Hong Gil Dong," which was written during the Joseon era. He is such a popular figure that he's been portrayed in animes and many other productions. Do you know which famous actors have played the legendary hero who is often compared to Robin Hood?

According to the ancient tale, the beloved bandit-hero Hong Gil Dong was gifted with super intelligence and abilities. However, even though his father was a nobleman, the illegitimate son inherited a lowly status from his mother, a servant, as was customary in the very structured Joseon society. He would later rise to fight for the poor and the downtrodden against injustices.

1. Kang Ji Hwan (Lie to Me) plays the righteous hero with a comedic twist in Hong Gil Dong, written by the famous Hong sisters. The fun drama also stars Sung Yu Ri and Jang Geun Suk.


Hong Gil Dong

Starring Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu Ri

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2. Yoon Kyoon Sang (Doctor Crush) is Hong Gil Dong in the 2017 historic drama series, Rebel: Thief of the People, that traces the rise of the folk hero who counters the tyrannical king played by Kim Ji SukChae Soo Bin plays his leading lady.


Rebel: Thief of the People

Starring Yoon Kyoon Sang and Chae Soo Bin

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3. Lee Je Hoon (Tomorrow With You, Signal) tackles a thrilling modern take on Hong Gil Dong, with updated attire, in the 2016 movie Phantom Detective, which also stars Go Ah Ra. The movie is directed by Jo Sung Hee, who directed the hit movie A Werewolf Boy.     

Check out the fun teasers here:


Phantom Detective

Starring Lee Je Hoon and Kim Sung Kyun

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Phantom Detective starts this weekend on DramaFever. I really want to watch it. How about you?

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