There are many anime fans who fantasize about being like their heroes. But have you considered that, in some weird way, maybe you already are? So, to help you solve your identity crisis, here are 22 anime heroes. Which one are you?

  1. Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop

    You like to believe you’re a philosopher, contemplating the meaning of your existence as you stare into space. People just think you’re spaced out, though.
  2. Gintoki Sakata - Gin Tama

    You’re cool as a samurai but, dammit, that does not mean you can’t have fabulous hair.
  3. Eren Jaeger - Attack on Titan

    You just like to scream a lot.
  4. Ito Kaiji - Kaiji

    You’re too smart for the simple life and you therefore always end up looking for trouble and therefore always end up getting your derriere kicked.
  5. Yugi Muto - Yu-Gi-Oh!

    You’re either a dumb little kid, or overly serious; there is no in-between. Either way, you take games way too seriously.
  6. Kid Muscle - Ultimate Muscle

    The only one who beats you up worse than the bullies are the girls you chase after.
  7. Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto

    People always say you have a lot of potential. They also say you’re an idiot. Both are true.
  8. Inuyasha - Inuyasha

    Some days, you’re a hopeless romantic. Others, you’re a violent maniac. And you really like your jewelry.
  9. Takumi Fujiwara - Initial D

    The only reason people hang out with you is because you can drive them to the mall.
  10. Takeo Goda - My Love Story!!

    You’re a gentle giant with a good heart. Your friend gets all the girls. Big surprise.
  11. Light Yagami AKA Kira - Death Note

    You don’t just think you’re the best at everything that ever was and ever will be — you know you’re the best. And your handwriting is to die for.
  12. Yuta Iridatsu - Punch Line

    Being close to a woman is such an out-of-body experience, you feel like the world around you is blowing up.
  13. Tetsuya Kuroko - Kuroko’s Basketball

    You’re really talented, but so shy that most people never even see you. It’s like they don’t even know you’re there, actually.
  14. Yukihira Soma - Food Wars - Shokugeki no Soma

    If food was a person, you would marry it.
  15. Arashi Mikami - Triage X

    You somehow always end up in a room with a bunch of gorgeous women.
  16. Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece

    You’ve been trying to become something big for a really, really long time. It’s just not working out.
  17. Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail

    All the good you do is canceled out by the mess you cause each time.
  18. Ganta Igarashi - Deadman Wonderland

    You’re always getting blamed for things you didn’t do. And then you do much worse.
  19. Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach

    You don’t just see dead people; they see you back.
  20. Haruka Nanase - Free!

    What are guy friends for if you can’t take your clothes off around them?
  21. Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya - Sword Art Online

    You look so lost; it’s like you’re always in another world.
  22. Bell Cranel - Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

    You’re not as cool as the girl you like. Deal with it.

Of course, there are a bunch of characters that more than likely remind you of someone you know, if not yourself, so be sure to share in the comments below! And for all your anime needs, be sure to follow Dramafever on Twitter!

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