Kwon Sang Woo Congratulations are in order for Kwon Sang Woo, who was recently given the title of Celebrity with the Best Abs. During a recent taping of Absolute Man, a group of celebrity trainers including Kim Seung Hyun, Kim Sun Woo, Goo Ja Gon, Lee Sun Mi, and Lim Jong Min gathered to discuss a new workout regimen that promises a great body in just two weeks. Speaking of great bodies, during the taping, MC Oh Sang Jin asked the trainers who, of all celebrities, had the best abs. The consensus: Kwon Sang Woo. Goo Ja Gon explained, “It is really hard to find good looking abs like the ones Kwon Sang Woo has. They are very evenly sized, just like a chess board. In addition, Kwon Sang Woo also has great lower body.”