White Day is celebrated in a number of Asian countries, just like a second Valentine's Day. Opposite of what takes place on Valentine's Day, March 14th is a day for the ladies to shower their gentlemen with chocolate and gifts, or maybe take them out to their favorite restaurant. It's kind of a big day for lovers. So the question is this — if Park Bo GumPark Bo YoungGong YooSong Joong Ki and other celebs, could spend White Day with any celebrity they wanted, who would they spend it with? Read on to find out!

Occurring exactly one month after Valentine's Day, White Day is celebrated in a number of Asian countries, a day for all the guys to shower the girls with sweets and gifts. The reason for this is that in Japan, February 14th has always specifically been a day for girls to give guys chocolate — guys only received. So in 1978, White Day was created so that guys could buy their girls chocolate (white chocolate, preferably). It was a win-win for everyone, especially for the National Confectionery Industry Association, who came up with the special day. Billions of yen have been spent on chocolates in Japan since 1978, all thanks to romantic Valentine's and White Day, two days that couples can celebrate their love for each other.

In Korea, White Day is as big as it is in Japan, with March 14th set aside for a little romance. The day may not mean anything to most of us, but to many that live in countries like Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, it's one of the most romantic days of the year. With that being said, a local matchmaking company in Korea decided to conduct a survey and ask people which celebrity they would spend White Day with if they could. 

Park Bo Gum garnered over 30% of the female votes and came in at #1, along with Park Bo Young, who was most popular amongst surveyed males. Gong Yoo and Park Hye Soo came in at #2, and joining them at #3 were Song Joong Ki and Han Chae Ah. Granted, this survey only questioned 340 people, but the answers do shed some light on which stars Koreans are really into at the moment. (Not that surprising.) How about you? If you were able to spend March 14th with any Kdrama or Kpop star you liked, who would you choose to spend it with?

For any of you that celebrate it . . . Happy White Day!

1. Park Bo Gum

1.Park Bo Young

2. Gong Yoo

2. Park Hye Soo

3. Song Joong Ki

3. Han Chae Ah


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