In ancient China, hair style is very unique for each woman. The way you do your hair, certainly showed your social status. In different dynasties, they have unique hair styles. See which one is your favorite?

1. Han Dynasty

The first one was actually for the royal family or the elites when they got married. The third one was for the unmarried young ones. If you watched The Virtuous Queen of HanBeauties of the Emperor or Sound of the Desert, you would notice the difference from the female leads in their different stages of life.

2. Tang Dynasties

It was the most prosperous period of time in Chinese history. There are various hair styles. The first one and the third are normally for relatively older women, especial the third one is for women with established social status. The second and the fourth are for youth. You can observe all these hair styles by watching he popular Chinese dramas, such as Empress Wu, Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Can't Buy Me Love. From princess to the queens, the hair style in Tang Dynasty is very impressive especially with extravagant hair pins and decors.

3. Qing Dynasty

Since the hair style is pretty unique for the ethics of Man in Qing Dynasty, the difference only remains in the size of the back decor on your hair. The maids usually have more simple pins but the queens will have more exaggerated decor. If you watch the dramas such as PalaceCurse of the Royal HaremThe Life and Times of a Sentinel or The Confidant, you can see the way they manage their hair. The youngest had the thinnest back decor but when the girls were promoted to concubines or queens or even the empress dowager, their hair back decor became bigger and bigger, with more and more luxurious hair pins.

So for all these hair styles, which one is your favorite?

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