Chinese pop singer Chris Lee is singing the theme song of Hong Kong director Andrew Lau's latest film, The Guillotines.  Chris Lee, who is also the champion of the Chinese equivalent of American Idol, stars along Ethan Ruan (Fated to Love You), Huang Xiaoming (Summer's Desire) and Shwan Yu in this star-studded kung fu thriller. The story is about an elite crime-fighting unit in the court of the Chinese emperor that relies on flying swords to defeat their enemies. The story revolves around a mysterious weapon in ancient China. Chris Lee, also known as Li Yuchun, won the Super Girls TV singing contest followed by tens of millions of viewers in 2005. This is her third film and she gets to star alongside some of the sexiest actors from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Kudos to Andrew Lau for a casting well done. Here is the subtitled trailer of the movie, which is set to come out in Asian theaters on December 20th. What do you think? Will you see it? (Source: