Les Interprètes has risen to become a top hit in China and on DramaFever. The romance about two interpreters falling in love with French (known as the language of love), and with each other, has attracted the attention of a scenic country in Europe. Guess which European country has appointed handsome leading man Huang Xuan as its tourism ambassador in China (it's not France).

It is the first time that Switzerland has appointed a Chinese actor, or anyone else, as its tourism ambassador to promote Swiss tourism to Chinese travelers, who already represent the fourth largest group of travelers to the scenic country. As Les Interprètes filmed its foreign location scenes in Switzerland, it is a perfect time to promote Swiss tourism as the drama is becoming an audience favorite.

According to Simon Bosshart, Director Asia Pacific, Switzerland Tourism, Chinese travelers usually visit Switzerland in large tour groups, but there has been an increase of individual travelers as well. He wants to promote the clean image and natural destinations to individual travelers who seek out hiking, biking, and other remote but cozy spots. He feels that Switzerland has a lot to offer to Chinese travelers. Switzerland is also building up a network of Chinese-speaking volunteers to assist travelers from China.

Huang Xuan is actually a perfect choice for this role. He is someone equally thrilled about climbing the Alps and appreciating fine art in a museum, according to the official Swiss Tourism weibo social-media site. 

The 30-year-old actor accepted the appointment in April, as shown in these photos. The first one is Huang Xuan with Director Bosshart:

The handsome actor will be visiting Switzerland this summer to help promote the Grand Tour of Switzerland, touted as an unforgettable experience visiting 13 destinations, 22 lakes, and over 5 mountains along a 1600-km (almost 1,000 miles) scenic roadway.

Huang Xuan is certainly perfect as a tourism ambassador. I'd love to travel to beautiful Switzerland, but can I find Huang Xuang there?


Les Interprètes - 翻译官

Starring Huang Xuan and Yang Mi

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