We always find the female leads stunning in dramas, but in some of them, those female characters are also accompanied with their best friends. Sometimes the friends turn out to be enemies and sometimes they amend their relationship and get back to bestie status. Check out these dramas to see which best friends are your favorites!

1. Kim Hye Jin and Min Ha Ri from She Was Pretty

They have known each other for a really long time. They lived together and even call each other "hubby"  and "wifey." How sweet! Min Ha Ri stepped up when Hye Jin asked her to pretend to be "Hye Jin" in front of her first love.While now they seem to be in love with the same guy, hopefully their strong friendship wins out in the end. We're looking forward to seeing more in She Was Pretty,

2. Fang Xiao Rou and Jiang Pei Ying from Love Cuisine

They are like best friends forever. Jiang Pei Ying played a good role as the best listener and mentor for Xiao Rou's relationship problem. She took care of Xiao Rou pretty well. They went shopping together, got facials together, even went to the gym together. Don't you like to do so many things with your bestie as well?

3. Cheon Song Yi and Yoo Se Mi from My Love From Another Star

They have been best friends since high school. Song Yi was so shining and Se Mi was just on her side, secretly in love with Lee Hee Kyung. Then they become enemies since Se Mi started to want to hold everything she lost to Song Yi. But at the end, they just amended their relations and became friends again. Se Mi even helped Song Yi with her proposal video and tried to keep her calm. What a love-and-hate relationship!

4. Sung Shi-Won and Mo Yoo-Jung from Answer Me 1997

High school best friends are always friends forever. Shi-won was the ultimate fangirl who lives for H.O.T.. Shi-won is last place in her class and has her head firmly in the clouds. When her exasperated father asks what she's going to be when she grows up, her totally heartfelt answer: "I'm going to be Tony oppa's wife!" Well, if you have a best friend like Yoo-Jung, it doesn't matter how crazy the others think you are because you always have someone to be crazy with!

5. Gong Xi and Jiang Nan Qin from Skip Beat

When they meet in an audition, Nan Qin doesn't quite like Gong Xi. When they get to know each other more, they build a loving friendship. Don't you want to have someone you can just rely on and tease?

6. Geum Jan-di and Ga Eul in Boys Over Flowers

As the best friend who works with Jan-di at the porridge shop, Ga Eul is quite supportive of Jan-di. When Ga Eul experiences heartbreaking moments, Jan-di is also there for her, and even fighting for her. 

7. Bi Sheng Nan and Luo Dan from Tiger Mom

For someone who is your roommate in college and your sister-in-law after college, you know this type of relationship is now easy. This is what happens between Bi Sheng Nan and Luo Dan. When it comes to parenting, no matter how close you are, you will have different opinions, but you can still manage your friendship. That is how Sheng Nan and Luo Dan work things out!

8. Gil Ra-im and Im Ah-young from Secret Garden

Someone with a totally different personality can still be your best buddy. Gil Ra-im and Im Ah-young are the typical example. You always find the shining qualities that you don't have in your best friend!

9. Luo Li and Tang Mei Yu from Divorce Lawyer

As college best buddies, they established their law firms together. They went through a relationship crisis, marriage break, and so many things together. Although they may have misunderstandings from time to time, best friends are always sticking with each other.

10. Tang Jia Ni and Zheng Rui Rui from The Way We Were

They are best friends for decades, but once they are reunited, one is married and the other is in love with her best friend's husband. A lot of heartbreaking moments pit them against each other, but at the end of day, they always find some way to forgive and forget. That is what a friendship means, right?

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