There are so many dramas currently on DramaFever that are giving us major second lead syndrome. For starters there is Cinderella and Four knights, where clearly there is one male lead who has it going on with the girl, but then there are three other suitable men who are so darn adorable. Lee Jung Shi, I'm looking at you. And lets not even get to Scarlet Heart: Ryeo with its seven princes and jeez there's Jealousy Incarnate too with the two super hot leads! Talk about major second lead syndrome feels! So to share our angst over our confused feelings for all these boys who just won't be getting the girl in the end, we decided to get on Snapchat and ask you which actor was giving YOU major second lead syndromes. Here are some of the adorable responses:

While some of you were feeling it for Gong Myung from Let's Drink....he is a cutie isn't he?

Others were all about the valiant Knights from Cinderella and Four Knights!

Soo much love for these knights....who aren't getting Cinderella :(

and some couldn't handle Kang Ha Neul losing IU to Lee Joon Ki in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo!

Personally, I am all about Go Kyung Pyo from Jealousy Incarnate but I totally feel your pain. Missing out on all the Snapchat fun we are having? Log on to Snapchat and follow us @DramaFever and send us a snap about which cutie is giving you major second lead syndrome! Hurry hurry. 


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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