Save Me (aka Rescue Me), the dark thriller about a group of young people fighting against a sinister cult has ended its impressive run. Fans have been impressed by the unique story's non-stop intensity and the outstanding performances from the entire cast. Now that it's over, which dramas would you like to watch now? We'd like to offer a few suggestions.


Save Me's fearless heroine, Seo Ye Ji, stars in this tense thriller about people who live in the underground beneath Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. She meets a homeless stranger who turns out to be a businessman who is on the run from dangerous loan sharks. Does she help him at the risk of endangering herself?

2. Assembly

Save Me's leading man, Ok Taecyeon, stars in this drama about political intrigue. A courageous shipyard worker decides to battle injustice by running to become a member in the Korean national assembly. When he wins unexpectedly, the new assemblyman realizes he lacks the insider knowledge and experience to negotiate the political arena. He turns to his resourceful assistant for help to achieve his goals.



Starring Jung Jae Young and Song Yoon Ah

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3. Two Weeks

A falsely accused man is given only two weeks to clear his murder charges and to save his dying daughter. The previously aimless man is suddenly shaken out of his indifference to the world around him. Will he be able to meet the impossible deadline? This nerve-wracking drama stars the charismatic Lee Joon Ki, one of the most popular Korean leading men. 

4. The Suspect (movie)

A North Korean spy is abandoned by his government and escapes to the South under disguise. When he is named as a murder suspect, he has to uncover the truth and also find his missing wife and daughter. The "suspect" is pursued by many operatives, but no one can stop him from his revenge, especially when he is played by Korean superstar Gong Yoo (Goblin, Train to Busan). Look for Save Me's cult leader as the Director of National Intelligence.

Or, for a total change of genre and pace just to clear your mind from the sinister cult in Save Me, try this brand new drama that stars a cast of cute young actors.

5. Andante

This romantic comedy is about finding the true meaning of life, even if it happens just a bit slowly. When an antisocial computer nerd finds himself at a new high school in the countryside, he realizes that there is a whole world outside of his computer screen.



Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Lee Ye Hyun

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Which drama will you try next?

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