The plot thickens, and with just six more episodes to go, we can't wait to find out how Let's Fight Ghost comes to an end. So far, a lot has happened that has made us cook up potential endings to the drama. I mean, isn't that kind of what a true K-drama fan does anyway? Here are three endings we are strongly gunning for: 

1. Hyun Ji, aka Kim So Hyun, isn't actually dead.

A lot of viewers have been hinting towards the possibility that Hyun Ji hasn't yet died, but rather is stuck in a coma. And tbh there is a lot of evidence pointing towards that. For instance, she doesn't look or behave like other ghosts, we know she was hit by a car yet there are no scratches or blood patches on her face or body, and lastly, it seems like other ghosts can potentially harm her. Remember the scene where she is dragged under water by the female ghost who tries to choke her? It's totally possible that after meeting with the accident, Hyun Ji's physical body is stuck in a coma while her spirit is roaming the space between life and death. If this happens to be the end, then all she needs is a true kiss from Bong Pal to break the coma curse. Right?

2. Bong Pal dies to join Hyun Ji as a ghost.

This might be the most outlandish theory, but hey you never know! In episode 10 after Hyun Ji disappears, Bong Pal realizes just how much she means to him. He goes about finding out what exactly caused her death and the drama goes into major flashback mode, revealing how both their characters are connected. He also stumbles upon the reality behind professor Joo Hye Sung, played by Kwon Yul, and the two end up in an epic battle. In the end, Bong Pal dies, and just as his soul is leaving his body, he is greeted by Hyun Ji and the two end up ghosting happily ever after!

3. True love brings Hyun Ji back from the dead.

Totally bizarre, but come on, it's a K-drama and anything is possible. Especially if it involves true love! In this possible ending, Hyun Ji spends the next six episodes discovering who she is, why she died, and why her spirit is still wandering. During the process she finds out that her death was actually murder and with the help of Bong Pal and Monk Myung Chul she solves the mystery and manages to discover Professor Joo Hye Sung's secrets. Meanwhile, Monk Myung Chul is so moved by Hyun Ji and Bong Pal's true love that he goes to the temple and studies ancient scriptures only to find a loophole involving death. The loophole basically says that if your life was cut short before it was meant to be, there is a possibility of coming back to life. What ensues next, is a spiritual intervention of mammoth proportions, and ta da, Hyun Ji comes back to life!

How do you think Let's Fight Ghost will come to an end? Let's chat in the comments section below!


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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