Kim So Hyun is just like the rest of us! 

Yesterday, the Ruler: Master of the Mask actress opened up to MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Relay about a variety of topics, but it was her personal insecurity that took center stage. She admitted that her favorite feature now made her self conscious once.

“I like my eyes, but they also used to be an insecurity of mine. Rather than giving off a bright vibe, something about them seems sad. They were an insecurity because I thought they were the reason why I was only getting offers for depressing roles," the 17 year-old star explained. 

During her 2008 KBS2 drama Hometown of Legends, she followed the director's instructions religiously by acting with her eyes. “If he told me to open my eyes, I would open them. I just moved according to his directions.”

The young beauty is living the dream this spring by playing alongside her ideal type Yoo Seung Ho in the historical gem Ruler: Master of the Mask. She chose him as her favorite co-star among all the other heartthrobs she has acted with to date. In their actio- packed series, which premieres on May 10, the two play lovers during the Joseon Dynasty. Yoo portrays the crown prince, while Kim stars as a nobleman's daughter. This pair is adorable! It won't be long before we are shipping Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun in real life.

Over the next few months, do you think they will make our K-drama dreams come true like Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung did?

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Source: Via / Image Credit: Kim So Hyun's Instagram

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