SHINee member Kim Jonghyun's schedule is getting so jam-packed these days that he had to quit one of the jobs that is near and dear to his heart. 

MBC announced today that the 26 year-old idol decided to step down from his radio DJ position on FM4U's Jonghyun's Blue Night. According to MBC's radio division, the decision was made "after a long discussion between Jonghyun and the staff... it's disappointing, but due to SHINee's Japanese and North American tours coming up, he decided to leave."

They added, "Jonghyun loves radios more than anyone. He has such great responsibility that he never once complained about fatigue throughout the past 3 years, and said that 'the radio helps him de-stress'. We believe that he will return to radio broadcasts in the future, and that he is leaving temporarily in order to dedicate himself to his main career as a singer."

Since the I AM star celebrated his 3 year anniversary with the network in February, listeners know he is dedicated to the job. He'll probably return to DJing once his schedule opens up again. His last day as DJ of Jonghyun's Blue Night is April 2. His replacement will be announced at a later date. I hope he juggles radio and acting in the near future. All of his fellow SHINee members have tried their hand at acting. The only time we've seen him act is in music videos or South Korea's version of SNL. I think it's time he got a main role on a short or weekly series like his fellow idols. 

What type of series would you want to see Jonghyun star in? Who would you ship him with?

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: The Celebrity


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