K-dramas have so many characters that it's hard to keep up! Each drama has its own flavor, but there are always some roles that reappear time after time. We can even see a little bit of ourselves in those major roles. I have simplified five roles to give you the opportunity to compare yourself to the ultimate K-drama character.

Forget complicated quizzes; I'm giving you the chance to choose which character fits your personality best!

Read the list, decide which character suits you, and comment below.

1. The sweet female protagonist: 

Hard work and perseverance should be apart of your name. You are too gullible, but you want to always see the best in people. You have been ignored, and people even blame you for things you didn't cause. You endure it all until you reach your happy ending.

Example: Soon Shin in You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin

Watch IU as the sweet female protagonist in You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin:

2. The nice male protagonist: 

Trusting others is easy for you. You trust and love others wholeheartedly, no matter how many times you get burned. Some rejection makes you stronger, but too much can break you. You desire acceptance and wait patiently for it.

Example: Sam Dong in Dream High

3. Mean girl:

He was your boyfriend first, and you will do anything to keep him. If another girl catches his eye, you embarrass her, insult her, and make sure she stays as far away from your man as possible. Jealousy controls your every move.

Example: Hae Yoon in My Lovable Girl

4. Bad guy 

You live on the edge. Your biggest thrill is making others fear you. However, the girl you love does not know if she should like you or run away from you. You take your criminal ways a little too far.

Example: Young Do in Heirs

5. Best Friend

You stick with your friend through thick and thin. You face their trials together and fight. Until your friend says he or she can stand alone, you are the pillar.

Example: Ga Eul - Boys Over Flowers

You didn't find your match? Let me know who you would add to the list.

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