It's 11/11, and you know what that means! It's Pepero Day in Korea, the day people exchange Pepero sticks with friends and lovers to show their affection. Best of all, people play the Pepero game in hopes of brushing lips with their crush, which got me to thinking — who would I want to kiss the most on Pepero Day? I know my answer, but I want to hear from you! Vote now for which of these K-drama actors and actresses in recent dramas you would want to kiss the most!

Male Stars

1.  Siwon (She Was Pretty)

2.  Park Seo Joon (She Was Pretty)

3.  Yoo Ah In (Six Flying Dragons

4.  Lee Won Geun (Cheer Up)

5.  Im Seul Ong (Love Cells 2)

6.  Lee Dong Wook (Bubblegum

7.  Choi Seung Hyun aka T.O.P (Secret Message

8.  Park Bo Gum (Answer Me 1988)

9.  So Ji Sub (Oh My Venus

10.  Choi Min Ho (Because It's the First Time)

Which Male K-drama Star Do You Want To Kiss on Pepero Day? free polls

Female Stars

1.  Hwang Jung Eum (She Was Pretty)

2.  Go Joon Hee (She Was Pretty)

3.  Shin Se Kyung (Six Flying Dragons

4.  Jung Eun Ji (Cheer Up)

5.  Jung Ryeo Won (Bubblegum)

6.  Ueno Juri (Secret Message)

7.  Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri) (Answer Me 1988)

8.  Shin Min Ah (Oh My Venus)

9.  Park So Dam (Because It's the First Time

10.  Kim Yoo Jung (Love Cells 2

Which Female K-drama Star Do You Want To Kiss on Pepero Day? free polls

Who do you wish you could kiss on Pepero Day? Any other stars you want to add to the list? 

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