All Korean men are required to serve in the military with some exceptions. According to recent Korean news, two Korean stars have actually faked mental illness in order to evade the mandatory military service. Now, they have to face the consequences.

Known only by their surnames, a Mr. Lee, 29, and a Mr. Son, 28, have been accused of evading military service by faking mental illness. The Military Manpower Administration of South Korea disclosed on June 25th that their falsification has been proven and the punishment will be decided at the trial.

Not only will they be punished, they will still have to fulfill their military obligation after a new medical examination is conducted.

People who suffer mental illness are exempt from military service, but still can be drafted if an actual war were to break out. Both these celebrities were said to have submitted documentation to prove their mental illness. However, according to the military report, these two continued their promotional activities which were inconsistent with their claim of mental illness. For instance, Mr. Lee reportedly traveled to Japan to hold 16 fanmeets. The mysterious Mr. Lee is said to have starred in several dramas during the years of 2005 to 2010.

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In all, six men were charged for evasion, and the Korean military is reportedly continuing its investigation of past exemptions of military service by various athletes and entertainers.