Popular actress Zhao Li Ying has co-starred with many handsome and sought-after actors, such as Shawn DouWilliam Chan, and Feng Shao Feng. In real life, she has never confirmed a boyfriend. So it's now big news when the paparazzi claim that they've caught her in a secret dating relationship. Which handsome leading man are they pointing to?

Fans love Shawn Dou! The Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy star and Zhao Li Yin certainly looked friendly and well-matched when filming Princess Agents.

Alas, Shawn Dou isn't the one is showing up in the paparazzi's photos.

Nor is William Chan, despite having starred several times with Zhao Li Ying. Their most recent collaboration was in The Mystic Nine.

So that leaves Feng Shao Feng, the Prince of Lan Ling warrior princewho is now co-starring with our beautiful actress in the new fantasy movie The Monkey King 3

Reportedly, the two stars have been very "close" at the filming site. They appear to be wearing couple outfits. They are even alleged, by the paparazzi reports, to have visited Feng's home together.

Feng Shao Feng has a track record of having rumored and real dating relationships with his leading ladies. He was recently asked about the dating rumors. Do you know what he said?

Feng answered calmly that he didn't want to delve into a distracting topic and would rather talk about the movie he was promoting.

The thing is, although he didn't confirm it, he didn't deny it, either.

Fans will just have to stay tuned.


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