Pope Francis is scheduled to visit South Korea from August 14th to 18th. Instead of riding in a bulletproof limousine, it's been reported that Pope Francis has insisted on using a Korean made car, and one that's as small as possible.

According to Father Matthias Hur Young-yup from the committee preparing for the papal visit, “The pope has expressed his wish to use a Korean car. A compact car, the smallest type if possible."

The Pope's decision will be a promotional opportunity for South Korean cars. Lim Hee-jung of Hyundai Economic Research Institute said, "If the globally respected person is seen riding on a certain Korean car, it will create an enormous promotion effect for the car maker." Currently, several cars are being considered, but for security reasons, the final selection will be approved by the security officials.

Ever since Pope Francis ascended to the papacy, he has shunned the special chauffeur-driven "Vatican One" limousine, and he prefers a blue Ford Focus while in Rome, as we see in the cover photo via ibtimes. So, let's take a look at these cars that we may see him ride in when he's in South Korea.

Hyundai Motor's Avante (2014) - photo via youthcollection47.com

Kia Motors's K3 (2014 sedan) - photo via caranddriver.com

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Spark EV from GM Korea is not only small, but also all electric. - photo via green.autoblog.com

All these cars look cool. Don't you think?