Feng Shao Feng and Huang Xiao Ming, two of the hottest and most eligible Chinese leading men, just announced major life changes. Guess which one got married in a flash, and which one broke up with his long-time girlfriend?  (The cover photo shows Feng Shao Feng on the left, and Huang Xiao Ming on the right.)

Things can change so fluidly fast when it comes to celebrity romances. If we were to bet on which of the two top leading men were to marry first just a few weeks ago, I don't think we could have known what would happen next.

Feng Shao Feng, the handsome actor who played Prince of Lan Ling, one of the most handsome men recorded in Chinese history, is single again. He and actress Ni Ni have dated for 3 years, but all of a sudden, they are not a couple anymore. On May 17, their agents confirmed that the couple remain friends after a peaceful separation. Fans are shocked because the two stars frequently projected an image of a couple in romantic love in a steady relationship that promised wedding bells.

The other top Chinese hunk, Huang Xiao Ming, has said he would marry long-time girlfriend Angelababy of 5 years so often that it almost sounded like crying wolf when the couple said they were going to France for a bridal photoshoot. On May 27, they posted a photo of their wedding certificates proving that they're officially married. They got married in a quick registration, so there was actually no wedding yet.

The latest news is that they will have a formal wedding in October, but they'll be too busy to have a honeymoon. 

Congratulations to the happy couple. DramaFever fans will see Angelababy in Running Man International, the Chinese edition of popular Korean Running Man, this weekend.

Are you surprised about Huang Xiao Ming and Feng Shao Feng's different changes in life? Are you glad that Feng Shao Feng is available again?

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