Kim Woo Bin is surrounded by his celebrity friends! In the fourth episode of Uncontrollably Fond, Shin Joon Young (Kim) is convinced he saved No Eull's (Suzy) life during her attempted sucide attempt. No Eul was actually sharpening her paparazzi skills by taking exclusive photos of a hot celebrity couple. That gorgeous pair were none other than Kim Woo Bin's Twenty co-stars!

Lee Jun Ho and Lee Yoo Bi happily agreed to make a cameo appearance after Kim asked them to join in on the Uncontrollably Fond fun. The fact that both stars share an agency with the leading actor made the cameo sweeter.

Even though Kim Woo Bin wasn't scheduled on set the day his former co-stars filmed their scene, the 27-year-old actor came by and presented the 2PM member with a cake for his birthday. Of course the cast playfully put cake in the birthday boy's face in fun. 

The production company gushed about the joy the pair brought to the set, saying,  "There will be a special gift for the viewers from Lee Junho and Lee Yoobi's appearance. The house full of laughter from the best friends filled the filming set with smiles.... We want to thank the two for gladly accepting the offer in the midst of their busy schedule." 

Watch the cheerful trio's first interaction in the hilarious comedy Twenty here on DramaFever. 

And don't forget to catch Kim Woo Bin's on-screen dad Yoo Oh Seong playing the bad guy role once again in Friend 2. He may play his father figure in the crime film, but the audience eventually discovers his dark past.

During your weekly wait for Uncontrollably Fond, which film will you be watching first?


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