TvN's upcoming action series K2 will center around politicians and life with the some of the most educated people in South Korea. In light of the new series, I think it is a great time to learn more about the leading actors' educational backgrounds in real life. Where did the main cast go to college? What was their major? The answers to those questions and more await you in this back-to-school article.

1. Ji Chang Wook

He chose the private institution that made history in 1947. Dankook University was actually the very first university created after National Liberation Day of Korea. Ji majored in Theater and Film, while he continued his rising acting career. 

2. Girls Generation's Yoona

The lovely idol not only graduated from Dongguk University with bachelor in theater, but she received a lifetime achievement award from the Buddhist institution.  The respected university, which was founded in 1906, is proud of its extensive study of Korean, Oriental and Western medicine. 

3, Lee Jung Jin

Lee had quite the green thumb before his popularity skyrocketed in the entertainment industry. He actually earned a degree in horticulture from KonKuk Unversity, and decided to go back to study acting in South Korea's private research center, Hanyang University. South Korea first engineering institute, school of architecture and civil engineering orginated from Hanyang. They also have 647 partner universities in 68 countries. KonKuk's early days focused solely on medicine and politics. 

3. Song Yoon Ah

She was also a student at Hanyang University, but she decided to major in Cultural Anthropology. There is no better way to study modern people than working on filming sets and connecting with legions of fans. It should be alot easier to compare them to their ancestors.

5. Son Tae Young

If she wasn't acting, Son would be the first one out on the dance floor. The wife and mommy majored in Dance at Sangmyung University. The historical women's college became co-ed friendly in 1996. Like many colleges celebrities attend, it is a private and offers a range of majors from arts to business. 

6. Jo Sung Ha 

Jo was a theater major at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. The school, which was founded in 1962, offers an associate and bachelor degree programs. The institute has departments specializing in writing, music, design, photography and humanities, and they even have a unique Greek-style theater for students to hone their craft.

If you received acceptance letters from these prestigious schools, which university would you love to attend?

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Image Credits:, Konkuk University, Hanyang UniversitySangmyung University and Seoul Institute of the Arts