DramaFever is looking to expand what we offer you and dive into the fun, unpredictable world of Korean variety shows. But we need your help to decide which variety show will be our first. The two contenders are the long-running hit Infinite Challenge, and the very popular We Got Married. Which would you like to see on DramaFever first?

Infinite Challenge is a wild, unscripted reality-game show hybrid that sends stars on bizarre quests and challenges based on the "3 Ds"--Dirty, Dangerous, and Difficult. You can read more about Infinite Challenge here.

We Got Married takes two young celebrities and asks "Hey, what if these kids got married?" A recent season paired up Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji as a couple with the additional challenge that they had to survive on a limited income. For more on We Got Married, click here.

So now that you know about the contenders, which will it be?

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