In South Korea, Valentine's Day is all about the men, so March 14th is the time the ladies get showered with attention and gifts. If you're Asian or Asian at heart, you must be aware that generally speaking, chocolate is for Valentine's Day and candy is for White Day.

The origin of White Day in Korea is traced back to Japan in the 70s. What started off as a group of businessmen trying to market marshmallows under the concept that men should gift the women in return for Valentine's Day, ended up as a special day that is now observed in Korea and parts of China and Taiwan as well.

Did you know that Chupa Chups are the most sold candy for March 14th? This Chupa Chups bouquet is a staple gift for White Day in Korea:

(Source: Japan has these adorable Hello Kitty chocolates:   (Source: Paris Baguette in Korea made single boxed chocolates just for White Day (because packaging is very important, especially to compensate for cheaper gifts): Remember, packaging is very important. Check out these adorable Hello Kitty gift boxes: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yummy White Day chocolates with a tea and cake theme from Japan: You can even get skincare and random gifts as White Day presents! white+day "Can't eat, but can use" macaroon candles from Japan, although both would make a nice set:   お菓子 マカロン This year's popular White Day present in Korea was Marc Jacobs' Lola perfume: But if you really want to stick to the traditional rules of White Day, street vendors in Korea lay out an assortment of hard candies (and gift baskets) you can choose from:

For the single people who didn't give or receive gifts on Valentine's Day or White Day, there is another holiday called Black Day! Something I don't mind looking forward to, Black Day is basically a day when single people get together to eat my favorite Jjajangmyun noodles to commiserate being single. Not a bad alternative if you're not the chocolates and candies kind of person!

Happy White Day, Ladies!! I hope you got spoiled rotten today because you deserve it. Did you have any favorite White Day gifts you'd like to share with us? Tell us in the comments below!