who_are_you_02We added a new series called Who Are You? In Buddhism it is believed that when a person dies, the deceased has 49 days in earth to let go of all earthly attachments and begin the reincarnation process. The problem with Il Gun (the lead character) was that he was not much of a dad to his daughter Young In and now he wants to make it up to her after his accidental death.

Do you remember how awkward it was in the movie Ghost when Demi Moore kissed Whoopi Goldberg when Patrick Swayze supposedly possessed her? Well, it turns out that Il Gun takes over the body of good looking Seung Hyo, and Seung Hyo and pretty Young In have one of those serendipitous encounters (will they fall in love?). Seung Hyo is an interesting character - an orphan who grows up in the US to return to Korea as an arrogant and mean executive. In the beginning, it's endearing to see the daddy use Seung Hyo's money and pull to make Young In's life easier, but we definitely got some incestuous vibes after episode 3. All in all, it is a feel good and easy comedy and you can't help but fall in love with both characters. Make sure you check it out!

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BTW - We also added new episodes for Goong (complete), H.I.T, Jewel in the Palace, Jumong, La Dolce Vita, New Heart, Over the Rainbow, Soulmate (complete), and Yisan.