We are in love with the teaser for T-ara's upcoming MV Sexy Love, and maybe it's just because we've been thinking about the good old days lately, but was anyone else reminded of the N*SYNC classic*, It's Gonna Be Me. Let's take a look at the two videos, which use a similar "we've been transformed into toys/robots" theme. First, we get both groups placed individually in boxes covered with cellophane. N*Sync are actually action figures of themselves, and we're not exactly sure yet of T-ara. Are they toys, robots, replicants? We'll have to wait for the full video to make sure. We even get a closeup with Ahreum and Justin in similar lifeless poses. Creepy! Time to think outside the box! Everybody has their own method of escape, but Justin's is probably the coolest. He just punches his way out! Now that T-ara and N*Sync have escaped their boxes, there's only one thing to do: dance robotically! That's about where the Sexy Love trailer ends, but we need to note that both videos already have unique points that we love. T-ara's MV has cool shots like these of the members literally turned into merchandise and advertised. N*Sync of course regain their human forms after being scanned at the register of the toy shop. Makes total sense! Will T-ara undergo a similar transformation in Sexy Love? Only time will tell! [poll id="48"] *May not actually be a classic.