After watching a truly great romantic K-drama, a few things tend to happen 1. You wish desperately that you could recreate what the main couple has in your own life, 2. You start to think about the couple as a real-life couple — it's almost impossible to separate them from their fictional characters, which takes us to 3. You start researching them online to find out more, only to discover that they are not, in fact, dating in real life (which can be almost impossible to believe in some cases) and that sometimes they are dating someone you would never have guessed. Then comes the conundrum, do we ship them with their real-life partner or their fictional onscreen love? Below we discuss 6 actors' and actresses' real life romances side by side their best onscreen romance to see which you think will win out. 

1. Kim Woo Bin/ Shin Min Ah 


Shin Min AhSo Ji Sub

Real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin have weathered the intense attention of fans that has proven too much for many celebrity couples with seeming ease. They both have oodles of charm to spare and in a few promos for products they advertised together give us a glimpse into the life they share and how they fell for each other. They seem so well suited to each other that it's hard to imagine them with anyone else... until we watched Oh My Venus. The chemistry between So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah was sizzling and they seemed to truly be each other's equals. 

2. Lee Min HoSuzy


Lee Min HoKim Hee Sun

Many tears were shed the day it was officially announced that Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae were in a relationship, and since then they have been surrounded by speculation on their relationship, including rumors of a breakup. Netizens have gone on to share their abundant opinions on whether Suzy and Lee Min Ho make a good couple. Despite that all, there is something so wholesome and sweet about their public relationship that it's hard not to root for them. On the other hand, it's hard not to seriously ship Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho together (even though she is married). Their chemistry was fantastic on Faith, and even he has said of all the females he has acted with, his favorite has been her because of all the fun they had together. 

(The above photo of Lee Min Ho and Suzy is a photoshopped fan image, but it's the closest fans can get to a picture of the two together!)

3. Ohn Joo Wan /Jo Bo Ah


Ohn Joo Wan/ Yoon Jin Seo

Who didn't squeal in delight when they heard that Ohn Joo Wan and Jo Bo Ah from Surplus Princess were dating in real life? Their onscreen chemistry sparked feelings that wouldn't go away after they finished up on set. Putting up pictures together on social media shows them to have a natural, easy relationship — one that we imagine is not much different that a relationship any of us might have. But do you think Ohn Joo Wan had the best chemistry with Jo Bo Ah? What about Ohn Joo Wan and Yoon Jin Seo in Twelve Men In A Year? Their chemistry together was so fun and catchy it's hard to imagine that they didn't end up in a relationship in real life. 

(Editor's note: We previously listed the series name as Substitute Princess rather than Surplus Princess. We have corrected the mistake.)

4. Jo Jung Suk/ Gummy 


Jo Jung SukPark Bo Young

When Jo Jung Suk starred in breakout show Oh My Ghostess, the chemistry between him and Park Bo Young was everything we want a couple in a K-drama to be. It lead to not only many people out their developing a serious crush on him, but also many shipping them together. So when news came out that he was actually in a serious relationship with Gummy and had been for a long time, it took many people by surprise (and dashed the dreams of many hopeful hearts). Gummy is so sophisticated and has that ability to turn you into a puddle of tears with a song, whereas Park Bo Young is the cutest person to ever exist. Did Oh My Ghostess make you ship Jo Jung Suk with Park Bo Young despite his serious relationship?

5. Yoon Hyun MinJun So Min


Yoon Hyun MinKim So Yeon

It was sad when we heard the news that Yoon Hyun Min and Jun So Min had split up after 9 months of dating, especially since the breakup seems to have been because of hectic work schedules and probably pressure put on them by the media as well as adoring fans. Is anyone else hoping they'll get back together? They seemed so sweet and relaxed around each other. On the other hand, Yoon Hyun Min and Kim So Yeon make a much more dramatic and intense couple on screen. Okay, yes, he was the bad guy on Falling In Love With Soon Jung and made some incredibly poor choices, but it can't be denied his singular devotion to her is intriguing and we can't help but wonder if he had made some better choices along the way, would they have had a shot? 

6. Ryu Soo YoungPark Ha San


Ryu Soo YoungChoi Jung Yoon

Two Weeks costars Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun make a adorable and beautiful couple in real life. On screen he was thwarted by the main lead winning Park Ha Sun's heart, but in real life Ryu Soo Young won her heart instead. Despite how much we love them together and wholeheartedly cheer their relationship on, we can't help but think back on Ryu Soo Young and Choi Jung Yoon's relationship in Ojakgyo Brothers. Their chemistry was so natural and easy it's hard to give up on them, even if they are fictional characters. 

Which couple do you ship the most? Do you find yourself more drawn to the real-life relationships or more naturally attracted to how romantic the couples tend to be in a K-drama series? Let us know in the comments below!


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