Kim Bum who is currently starring in ‘Goddess of Fire Jeongi' and Sung Hoon who starred in Faith both look amazing with long “fantasy” hair, but who does it better? Notice the two of them are wearing their fantasy hair in the exact same style with the side swept bangs. Ok, ok Kim Bum’s fantasy hair has a tad bit more volume in the front, and Sung Hoon added a stylish pony tail to the top, but its still the same! Their hair frames their gorgeous faces perfectly, and their bangs/fringe cover one eye to give them a sexy and mysterious look. Both are wearing blue and their outfits fit perfectly to their frame. This is your classic blonde vs brunette tale, so who will you choose? Will you be Team Kim Bum or Team Sung Hoon. Let the battle of the long fantasy hair begin!



I personally am Team Sung Hoon because I love the blonde color against his skin tone and his character was simply everything to me in ‘Faith’.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE