Popular Korean actress Gong Hyo JIn has played in many dramas opposite hot leading men, such as Jo Jung Suk in Jealousy IncarnateLee Sun Gyun in PastaCha Seung Won in Greatest LoveJo In Sung in  It's Okay, That's Love, and even Kim Soo Hyun in Producer. So who is the queen of romance's ideal type? Her answer will surprise you because the lucky guy is not Korean!

Gong Hyo Jin just appeared on MBC's Section TV on November 20. She and actress Uhm Ji Won went on the show to talk about their new movie, Missing.

She was asked about her ideal type, and her answer came as quite a surprise!

"I Like Ryan Gosling," the actress candidly admitted.


If you're totally captivated by K-drama land, then you might not know about Ryan Gosling, the 36-year old Canadian actor who was named one of the 50 Hottest Bachelors by People's Magazine in 2004, after his romantic move The Notebook became a surprise hit. The popular actor is now a father of two with girlfriend Eva Mendes.

The interviewer also asked if Gong Hyo Jin still wanted to act with Yoo Ah In, who she previously had said she wanted to work with.

(Actually, who wouldn't want to star with the award-winning actor from Six Flying Dragons!)

Gong Hyo Jin said, “I still want to act with him. He needs to come to our press preview but he hasn’t responded yet." 

"Ah In, please respond ASAP," said the actress with a great sense of humor.

Watch the funny interview clip here. Sorry, but it's not English subbed.

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