Lee Min Ho plays Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers, and Colin Firth portrays Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen's classic, Pride and Prejudice. Both romantic tales and their charming heroes have captivated many, many fans from around the world. Let's look at 8 different ways to consider who is the more perfect man or hero.

Let's take a random walk down a romantic garden path strewn with lovely roses with thorns and compare some interesting common and uncommon traits between the two fascinating men.

1. They are both tall, rich, and handsome. And they both have curly hair. Although they're wealthy, they're generous.

2. They both appear arrogant upon first sight.

Lee Min Ho's Gu Jun Pyo really was a bad boy when the drama started, but we came to understand him more when we learned of the lonely way he was brought up under a cold and domineering mother. At the start of the drama, Gu Jun Pyo's arrogance was real, as he and his F4 buddies tormented and ruled their classmates.

Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy was described as a perfect gentleman with excellent breeding and manners. He also grew up rather lonely. He was considered a fair-minded person by his friends and servants, but when he looked down on a country dance and the local girls, his pride was perceived as arrogance by his love interest, Elizabeth Bennet (nicknamed Lizzy) played by Jennifer Ehle.

3. They live in big, beautiful mansions.

Gu Jun Pyo's home wasn't just a mansion; it's practically a modern-day palace. He actually had to take a helicopter to go to school. He was served by a staff that numbered enough for a hotel to take care of his every need.

Darcy's home was an aristocratic estate enchantingly named Pemberley and located in the lovely British countryside. It was surrounded by lush grounds that are meticulously maintained by gardeners. He probably had a stable full of horses and carriages for transportation and riding for fun. 

4. We squeal when we see them strip.

When Colin Firth got too hot and took off his layers of outerwear and dived into his own lake at Pemberley, fans around the world realized an idol was born and squealed in delight. Even though he kept his undershirt on when he swam underwater, it was steamy to see him emerge all wet from the lake.

Lee Min Ho did a fascinating shower scene where he stared into the mirror and brooded because the girl of his heart rejected him. His beautiful features were mesmerizingly reflected in the mirror.

5. They both fall for a girl from a plain background.

Since both men were from wealthy and prestigious backgrounds, it was considered inconceivable (by their contemporaries) that they would love, much less marry, a girl from an unsuitable background. Lizzy was probably from middle-class gentry, but she still would be viewed as an inferior match. She was, however, somewhat wealthy with a loving family. 

Jan Di's family was definitely lower on the social-economic ladder as her father ran a dry cleaning establishment. But Jan Di (played by the incomparable Gu Hye Sun) also grew up in a family full of love. No wonder Gu Jun Pyo enjoyed visiting her home and even making kimchi with her family.

6. The girl in the perfect man's heart hated him at first.

Jan Di was really disgusted by how Gu Jun Pyo treated other kids in school. She even high kicked him, but somehow that kick turned him upside down to fall head over heels for her. From then on, Gu Jun Pyo would do anything to get Jan Di's attention.

Lizzy's prejudice, due to the lies that were told to her by Mr. Wickham, prevented her from seeing the real Mr. Darcy. She turned down Darcy's proposal and thought it was ridiculous, although she gave very good reasons and made Darcy understand there was much more work to do to improve himself.

7. They expressed their love and admiration for their lady in unmistakable ways.

Despite his mother's warning, Gu Jun Pyo got out of their car and walked to Jan Di to kiss her. This kiss is but one of the many memorable kisses in Boys over Flowers, but it was particularly impressive because of the circumstances. It was also the moment when he made a promise to be together with Jan Di, no matter what.

When his aunt found out about his love for Lizzy, Darcy persisted and went against society's restrictive norm. It took courage for an aristocratic heir of his time to propose to a girl from what society considered a lower background. But even better, it's particularly adorable in how he openly expressed his admiration for Lizzy in conversations with the snotty and annoying Miss Bingley. He judged beauty based on his own high standards.

8. Our perfect men stay true to their one and only love.

Well, Gu Jun Pyo did have a car accident which led to amnesia as is "required" by K-dramas, and he forgot who Jan Di was or how much he loved her for a while. I'm not saying amnesia is a fault; it's just that Gu Jun Pyo's amnesia caused a lot of heartache for his girl. But, along the way, Gu Jun Pyo saved Jan Di many times, and he ultimately became an amazing man and came back for Jan Di.

On the other hand, Darcy never ever wavered and never had amnesia. He even extended his love for Lizzy by helping her family in desperate times to protect her and her sisters' reputation. He is definitely a dream knight. He also became more humble to treat Lizzy's family with respect. For that era, he was truly exceptional.

There you have it. Both Gu Jun Pyo and Mr. Darcy are perfectly lovable despite a few chinks in their knight's armor from time to time. If I could, I'd take both of them. What I like the best is that both men transformed themselves to be better men for the love of their life.

I started watching British period dramas long before K-dramas. The two different genres may look different on the surface, but they both contain compelling romances and charming leads. The 2 male leads, Colin Firth and Lee Min Ho, have become iconic models for making their characters vividly alive. Whether you are 17 or 71, these two men will keep you glued to the screen on a romantic journey. Our heroes in these two dramas prove that true love is timeless and beyond borders and boundaries.

How about you? Which perfect man do you prefer, Gu Jun Pyo or Mr. Darcy?

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~ NancyZdramaland