Actress Park Shin Hye has had the awesome luck to be paired with some really hot guys. So who do you think is her most compatible leading man? The question is for you, but we'll also share what Park Shin Hye has said in an interview.

First, let's review the line-up. The 24-year old Park Shin Hye has already accumulated quite a roster of hot leading men:

1. Jang Geun SukYou're Beautiful

2. George Hu - Hayate the Combat Butler

3. Jung Yong Hwaa - Heartstrings

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4. Yoon Si YoonFlower Boy Next Door

5. Lee Min Ho - Heirs

And now, 

6.  Lee Jong SukPinocchio

In Park Shin Hye's interview for star1 magazine's November edition, she was asked to choose a male co-star that she had the best compatibility with while filming together. She mentioned Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho.  Park said she felt she and Jang related well with each other while filming on and off the set of You're Beautiful. With Lee Min Ho, she said they worked very well together probably because of his great personality.

However, Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho are about to meet a strong competition in Lee Jong Suk. Park Shin Hye and Lee Jung Suk have praised each other even before their new show, Pinocchio, started broadcasting. It would appear that their compatibility is quite high.

It would be very interesting to ask the same question of Park Shin Hye again after the Pinocchio series is completed.

How about you? Who do you think is Park Shin Hye's most compatible leading man?

(photos: fanpop, cpopaccess, shoeibkorea2.blogfa, Elle)