Eun Bi inherited her twin sister's stalker! The alleged late Eun Byul (played by actress Kim So Hyun) seemed to be hiding a dark secret from her adopted mom. In episode 5 of School 2015, we learn Eun Byul was tormented by someone, and she consistently wrote about it in her journal. The person claims to be her deceased friend Jung Soo Jin, but that logic doesn't add up. Why would a ghost threaten someone who was their close friend? 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to specifically pinpointing the possible stalker. However, I think it has to be one of three people. It could be the actual ghost of Jung Soo In, her close friend Lee Shi Jin (actress Lee Cho Hee), or former student Seo Young Eun. If it is Soo In's ghost, that would be very creepy and turn the whole series into a horror production. I know South Korea loves to release horror flicks in the summer too. I started to get scared when I found out the one sending messages to her actually died a year ago! 

On the other hand, there are a couple of reasons I think Lee Shi Jin would want to terrorize Eun Byul. 

The original Eun Byul seemed to be closer to their other friend Cha Song Joo (actress Kim Hee Jung). Eun Byul and Song Joo had matching shoes, backpacks, and underwear in the first episode that Shi Jin knew nothing about. In addition, Eun Byul was always a straight-A student, while Shi Jin struggled in math. 

Then there's Seo Young Eun (actress Kim Bo Ra), who used large amounts of money to win over her fellow classmates.

She thought she could literally buy friends if she treated them when they went out. The real Eun Byul, on the other hand, offered to be her friend without any strings attached. That could be the reason for the message on the bookmark referring to Eun Byul being the only friend. She is the least likely one, but I still suspect her.

I wanted to say Soo In's mom could be the stalker, but we haven't been properly introduced to her character to suspect anything yet. 

Who do you think is after Eun Byul? Why do you think she had a deep gash on her neck before she mysteriously vanished? 

Watch the latest episode of School 2015 and share your theories below!

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